West End Cabinet Company

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Our design team is here to help you start from scratch on any design project you may need.  We will schedule a time to meet with you, either at your home or in our showroom, to discuss all of your thoughts and ideas.  Important things to share with us:
  • Budget numbers  - so we can better steer you to an appropriate line of cabinetry.
  • Thoughts on Appliances - new or using existing, gas or electric.
  • Foot print - do you want to remove any walls or change locations of appliances.
  • Contractor - have you been in contact with any specific contractor/builder
This information can help us expedite solutions for you and get your project underway more quickly.  Additionally, we are here to offer help on all of these topics.  If this is an "In-Home" consultation, detailed measurements will be taken of the space to give you an accurate room plan.

Design Procedure

Upon a compete and thorough interview with the client to determine design direction, the collected information will be entered in our design program and our creative ideas begin to work for you.  Shared ideas and suggestions will be taken into consideration.  If any design concerns or issues arise, our designers are trained to advise you in alternate recommendations.  We are here to make sure your project is designed for functionality, aesthetics and financial feasibility.  

When a plan is ready for initial presentation, your designer will contact you to schedule a convenient time to meet with you for review.  This is your opportunity to see a detailed elevation of your space, ask questions and make suggestions or request changes.  Revisions will be made and follow up meetings will be planned until the design is approved.
**Please note that any design work or plans will not be released to the client prior to finalization of a contract.**

Contract and Ordering

A detailed contract will be submitted to you indicating general information, specialty cabinets and specified appliance selections.  Once you approve all of the included information, your signature and a deposit is required to place the order.  The order will be placed and we will subsequently receive an anticipated date of delivery for your order.  We will coordinate installation with the cabinet installer or contractor/builder for delivery.  A follow up deposit will be required upon delivery to the job site.  


Our talented team of independent installers are highly qualified and understand the importance of a clean installation.  The initial installation will be performed and may take a few days.  Follow up visits by our installers will be required based on the final design.  In addition, a final series of adjustments will be done upon completion.  These details will be discussed with the client in advance so they know what to expect.

Completion of the Project

Our designers will be there for you from start to finish.  We are here to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the process.  Our designers always love feedback on our service, products and your ultimate satisfaction.